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G & R Auto Sales

(425) 361-762115709 Highway 99 Ste B, LynnwoodWA 98087-1482http://www.gandrautos.com

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When I go car shopping, I normally find that I leave wanting to choke a car salesman - and I think they end up liking me even less. I didn't ever think I'd use 'pleasant' and 'car shopping' in the same sentence, but it actually was pleasant. I found the sales staff and the owner to be low pressure, straight shooters and (dare I say) even easy going. I bought a great Subaru Outback and left with my sanity in tact. They are definitely worth a visit.


Lisa R. 05/20/2012

Tim and the rest of the staff at G & R Auto Sales did a fantastic job at making my car buying experience as smooth as possible. Tim is a straight forward salesman, a rare commodity in the used car sales profession. He gave an awesome deal a wonderful car and great financing. I would definitely recommend them, if you are looking for a good deal on a used car.

Camille H.  06/30/2013

Good Job G&R

I read the reviews on here but decided to see for myself since they were advertising the vehicle I wanted and I know competitors will often give other places bad reviews. I had a great experience at G&R. The salesman was a real straight shooter and even went out of his way to make sure I was happy with my new truck. Will be back next time Im in the market for a vehicle.
Jerry.    01/2013

A Google User

I bought a 1993 Honda accord and the salesman Greg smith was awesome! He worked with me even though I was young and wasn't pushy at all. My car is now a month old and has had 8 thousand miles put on it due to driving for Seattle to to Eastern Washington and is still running great. I would buy another car from Greg anyday. Great service!
E.M.  02/2013

Above & Beyond

I was extremely satisfied with the service and help at G&R auto. I came in 5 min before they were going to close on a Saturday and had only 390 dollars for a down payment, along with HORRIBLE credit and fresh repos within one month they were able to work something out and get me into a vehicle within 2 hours and I drove away that night. they asked me what my monthly payments should be so I can keep them at a reasonable price so I would always be able to pay. Even after my bank seizing up and losing funds. combined with the IRS taking $800 (my entire tax return) preventing my from making my 2nd down payment. Roman and Tim continue to help me get back on track. I've had 3 other cars from 3 other dealers but this place diffidently takes the cake on customer retateability, ease of service, and understanding. plus I love my new car. every car I get from no on will be from Roman and his amazing crew at G&R auto. ill drive the 6 hours back to Lynnwood when I move back to Spokane when I need another car. with the amount of help given to me I wish I could give 10 starts out of 5. 100% satisfaction.
Steve Jones 07/2013

Good Experience - Great Vehicle

I bought a car through G&R a few years ago and the process was flawless, the car has been perfect since. 30k miles on it since, after 2 road trips to Montana and 1 to Cali. The staff was great. We showed up one day after seeing a listing online and were meet with a kind easy to talk to seller, I can't remember his name unfortunately.

He knew a few things about the car which is extremely rare (me being a car guy know or research every little thing before going in and usually die laughing at how little the sellers know about it or cars in general.) After checking it out  for a few minutes he tossed us the keys and said to take it around for a while; I asked how long we could have it and he said whatever just bring it back in a while. This was a huge shock but ultimately won them a sale, and follow up customer.

Us being 20 something's its uncommon to be trusted so much. We drove it for around 30-40 min and were sold it was in great shape and had no issues. They did offer in house financing but we were able to get a better rate through our own bank which they were happy to go with. We traded in my Junker car for a fair price and drove off happy.

While in there I over heard the manager talking to some guy who wanted to have them co-sign sell his car for him, he flat up turned them down due to his cars condition and that he had standards for quality which is not what I expected to hear from a small dealer on the north end of highway 99, but for what its worth.
Chris  12/2013

Happy Campers

Roman was patient and answered all of our questions. The car we bought runs well and was very reasonably priced even considering that it had all of the bells and whistles.

Kings of Subaru's

Recently bought a Subaru Forster from here. I dealt with the owner (Romen) he was a straight shooter, No BS was out of there in a decent time. I got a great deal on my car and was surprised too see how many subarus they have on their lot. Got an honest answer to all of my questions and got a car with out any hidden surprises!!! definitely will come back in the future. Thanks
Alex M. 06/2014

Outstanding Service

I read all of the online reviews of G&R, and nearly decided not to go there from the negative reviews, but reluctantly went anyways because they had a car that came close to my ideal pick. I couldn't find posted hours so I called them at 9:30 Saturday, and it went to salesman Tim's personal phone, and he politely let me know the car I wanted was still available and that he'd be there at 10:30. Although he was perhaps 15 minutes late, a nice Hispanic guy working there showed me the car and set me up with a test drive. Tim was there when I returned from the test drive, and was charming and attentive. The car had a small corrosion issue, I asked for a small amount off, and he first floated the notion that some other people were interested in the car, but after looking at the corrosion conceded the small amount off. He took care of all of the forms and paperwork within the hour, and was cordial and witty while doing so. Romen, the owner I'd read about in the reviews came in around when we were finishing up, he seemed slightly awkward, but kind. Overall I'd say they were friendly and fair.
Ted G  09/2014